Soil to Table

By Bridget Elworthy & Henrietta Courtauld, recipes from Lulu Cox and paintings by Nancy Cadogan

Soil To Table is a celebration of soil and its connection to the food we eat. This sumptuous book by The Land Gardeners is a beautiful collection of essays, recipes, and teachings on soil and food. It is a celebration of how we can put these at the center of our lives and is essential reading for anyone who cares about the planet and health. The Land Gardeners share their wisdom on how to care for your soil while London-based chef Lulu Cox shares her favorite recipes for cooking simple, honest food that brings people together. Soil to Table is also a visual feast with paintings by British figurative painter Nancy Cadogan from her body of work “All The Good Things,” which celebrates our relationship with nature, food, and the landscape around us. 

256 pages

10.3" x 13.3" x 1.3"

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