Bubble Glass Tumbler in Amber

Mouth-blown bubble glass tumbler in Amber*   

This fair trade Syrian glassware is made by hand in a family-run glassworks outside the old city of Damascus.  The glassworks supports a dozen people and has been in business for two generations.  Each glass is mouth-blown using European recycled glass that has been melted in a traditional clay oven.  Unlike a modern oven, which can produce consistent high temperatures but is prohibitively expensive to purchase, the oven used at the glassworks dictates the colors that can be made due to fluctuations in heat.  Variations in color occur, making each glass unmistakably special and unique.  

- Approximately 5" high

- Made in Syria

* Due to the hand-crafted nature of these pieces, there will be variations in color and size from glass-to-glass.  


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