Dorset Maple Reserve Syrup

Dorset Maple Reserve maple syrups are drawn from sugar maples growing in a pristine 500 acre forest in Dorset, Vermont.  Made in small batches, they produce some of the region's finest quality maple syrups.  


Bourbon Barrel Aged:  Hand-selected batches of the season's finest syrup are poured into bourbon barrels to age, resulting in syrup with hints of caramel, cinnamon, vanilla, spice and, of course, bourbon.

Smoked & SpicyMaple syrup with a kick!  Smoked Serrano peppers infuse the maple syrup with just the right combination of sweet and spicy.  Multi-layered flavors start smokey and end with spice. Fantastic in savory dishes as well as cocktails.  

Size:  8 ounces

Produced in Dorset, Vermont

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