Handcrafted Italian Botanical Soaps

A beautiful bar of handcrafted soap is a wonderful gift to give someone...or yourself!  These beautifully packaged, natural soaps are handmade in Florence, Italy, and are inspired by the nature of Tuscany and based on traditional Italian beauty formulas.  Each generous bar is wrapped in Florentine-style paper.  

- Fig and Almond:  The enchanting scent arises from the memories of an old orchard, enriched with almond protein, a precious source of moisture for your skin

- Cucumber:  Crisp and refreshing. An inviting scent that is designed to nourish the skin

- Lettuce:  A formulation that will re-energize tired and dehydrated skin

- Pumpkin:  Purifies while maintaining the natural balance of the skin

- Tomato:  A cocktail of vitamins (C, B and A) that work together to give a glowing complexion

- Peach and Melon:  A powerful marriage of peach and melon to discover each day a sweet diet of beauty

- Olive Oil and Tangerine:  This natural soap, made of pure olive oil, is particularly mild and effective on all types of skin and ages

- 8.8 ounce bars

- Handmade in Italy

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