Horn 7" Salad Servers

Salad servers are a basic kitchen utensil for mixing, tossing and serving various types of salads. While functional in the kitchen, a beautiful set of horn servers will effortlessly and elegantly take you to your dining table as well*.

- 7" spoon and fork

- Made of  West African horn

- Hand wash with mild soap and tepid water.  Dry immediately.  Do not soak in water.

- Handcrafted in England

* Horn is a natural material and colors will vary.  Let us chose one for you! 

Made n England by a company founded over two centuries ago, each horn piece is shaped by hand using traditional methods and machinery.  Aside from its natural beauty, horn has many of the attributes of plastic without the terrible environmental side effects. It is exceedingly strong and durable and doesn’t carry flavor, which is why it is great for use as bowls, spoons and salad servers.

Horn is a by-product of the meat industry and a natural, biodegradable material.  Once discarded, it will leave no footprint for future generations to worry about unlike plastic.

Cattle in the United Kingdom has been selectively bred so they no longer grow horns.  This is done to prevent the cattle from harming one another and consequently damaging the product they are reared for.  Therefore, this horn is sourced as a by-product of the meat industry in Western Africa.  With more space to roam, their horns are left to grow, producing the very large, distinctive horns with both great length and circumference that are ideal for use in hornworking.

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