Large Flowering Quince Wood Tray

An elegant, solid chestnut wood tray in the traditional motif of a Japanese flowering quince.

Each grain of wood holds and supports the tree itself, allowing it to grow thicker and larger while accumulating strength. It takes around 100 years for a tree to reach a size suitable for making dishes or trays. Aizawa Wood Works uses the solid and sturdy trees provided by the mountains and precisely and quickly cuts them without waste using their specialized machinery processing techniques. Then, they produce a high-quality texture through delicate hand polishing. They believe in using the power of the 100 years trapped in solid wood for another century, providing the "beauty of wood" in daily life. They choose to cherish trees and live in a way that can hand down the richness of the forest to future generations.

14" x 9" x .75"

Made in Japan

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