Hickory Serving Bowl - 14 inches

A wood serving bowl made on Martha's Vineyard from an island tree.  A wood bowl gets better with age and use; it will turn color as you use it, making it uniquely your own.  Take care of it and it will last a lifetime.  

Made one-by-one on Martha's Vineyard, each wood bowl is carefully milled to show the tree's unique and beautiful grain to its best advantage.  A roughed out blank is created on a lathe and then dried in a wood kiln for up to a month to remove moisture, which in turn creates a stable bowl that will not crack.  The bowl is then hand sanded, sealed with walnut oil, and ready to be put to use!

-  14" wide x 3.25" high

-  Hickory hardwood

-  Bowl comes with a 4 ounce jar of hypoallergenic and food safe walnut oil

-  Care:  When your bowl begins to look and feel dry, apply a generous coat of walnut oil with a soft cloth to recondition the wood. Never leave your wood bowl soaking in water; hand wash and air dry only.  

-  Handmade on Martha's Vineyard

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