One Day Box: A Life-Changing Love of Home

By Flora Soames

British interior designer Flora Soames founded her eponymous firm in 2009 and launched an acclaimed collection of fabrics and wallpapers in 2019. Informed by her background in art and furniture, her style exudes the traditional charm of English country homes while incorporating modern, original touches that are comfortable and design-led. This embrace of old and new—along with Soames’s passion for collecting, heritage, color, and pattern—has resulted in an impressive portfolio of projects in the UK and beyond.

Inspired by the concept of a One Day Box—a place, real or imaginary, where we store fragments of our past that spark a feeling of connection—Soames presents her reflections on the concept of home, and explores the sentiments evoked by certain objects during seminal moments in her life. From personalities and places to beloved objects, Soames shows how our patchwork of memories can energize the process of creating and living in a home. Exquisite photographs of her projects—including her refurbished countryside cottage in Dorset, an architecturally prominent house in the Cotswolds, and her family’s home in North Norfolk—alongside images of vibrant fabrics and wallpaper bring her thoughts and distinctive style to life.

256 pages

8.8" x 11.27" x 1.17"

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