Pair of Hand-Dipped Bayberry Tapers

"For a bayberry candle burned to the socket brings joy to the heart and gold to the pocket" 

Burning a bayberry candle on either Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve is an old American tradition.  Colonial women were accustomed to burning tallow, which tends to smoke and not smell so nice.  They learned the abundant bayberry bush grew berries that gave off a waxy residue when boiled, not to mention a sweet smelling fragrance.  The wax was highly prized and the tapers made from it were only used on special occasions.  This is how the holiday tradition of lighting a bayberry candle arose and continues to this day.  

Each box contains two candles; save one for the next year or, even better, share one with a friend and spread the blessings of joy and abundance! 

- 7/8" wide x 8" high

- Made from a blend of beeswax and other premium wax and scented with real bayberry oil 

- Hand-dipped in New England

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