Heratige Rush Napkin Rings - Set of Six

Add an earthy, textured element to your dining table with this set of six handwoven rush napkin rings*.

Rush Matters is a heritage craft business started over 30 years ago in England by Felicity Irons. Felicity, who is self-taught, harvests English rush in the same manner as was done in Anglo Saxon times.  She is one of the last freshwater rush cutter/weavers in England.  

To make their products, English bulrush is harvested from punts on the river Ouse and Nene in Bedfordshire.  The rush is wind-dried and sun-bleached, then stored in a 15th century barn where it is eventually handwoven, plaited, coiled and stitched into a wide range of products and floor matting. 

2.4" diameter x 1.6" high

* Colors of rush work may vary and will most likely be green to start, but will mellow to golden honey tones as they age. 

Woven by hand in England

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