Scottish Willow Pet Baskets

Look through any decorating book on English country homes and you're bound to see a willow dog basket. Traditional and timeless, many of them have chewed edges and a worn appearance from years of use by the beloved household pets. Each basket comes with a cozy fleece cushion. You'll love watching your dog - or cat - snuggle in.  

Our baskets, handwoven on the west coast of Scotland, are made from the finest, sustainable sourced English willow. Willow is a strong, long-lasting material that can withstand use so put your basket to work and help it develop its patina and charm.

Exterior Dimensions:

Extra Large:  36.5" w x 28" d x 10" high *

Large:  34"w x 24"d  x 9.5" high *

Medium:  30"w x 22"d x 9" high

Small:  21" x 16" x 8.5" high

Washable fleece cushion

Basket handmade of buff willow in Scotland

* Due to their large size, please contact for a shipping quote for the large and extra large baskets.


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