Shampoo by Bramley

Bramley's shampoo is a gentle, everyday shampoo for all hair types.  What's special about it is it doesn’t contain sulphates (SLS or ALS), which strip your hair of their natural, balanced oils. It works with your natural balance and even adds to it with essential oils of rosemary and lemon. 

- 250 ml

- Made with lemon, mandarin, & rosemary essential oils

Bramley is a natural, wonderfully fragrant bath and body product line, made in small batches in the British countryside. Their range is small and focused; each product has its own individual fragrance and therapeutic benefits, while a citrus base ties the range together as a whole.

Bramley believes in the power of nature and is committed to sourcing naturally derived ingredients of the highest quality.  All essential oils are fair trade, wild crafted, grown sustainably, and carefully sourced.  They do not contain petrochemicals, sulfates, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, parabens, microbeads, silicones, propylene glycol or phthalates.  

Bramley products can be found throughout Great Britain at select boutique hotels, pubs, and shops.  We are proud to be the first supplier of their fantastic range in the United States.

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