Antique Petite English Willow Platter

Platters in all sizes are a smart investment for anyone who likes to entertain. You'll find yourself reaching for this small Blue Willow platter from breakfast to dessert!

One of the most enduring china patterns of all time, blue and white Willow is a classic.  It was inspired by hand-painted chinoiserie designs imported by the English from China, beginning in the 1600’s.  When English potteries began mass producing patterns in the 19th century using transfers, the pattern took off in popularity.   The whimsical, romantic nature of the design, combined with the crisp, timeless appeal of blue against white, makes Willow as sought after as ever.  Allertons was a quality producer of Blue Willow in Staffordshire in the mid-19th and early-20th centuries.

Dimensions:  11" wide x 9" high

Made by Allertons, Ltd., Staffordshire, England



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