Cider Syrup

Anything considered a pantry staple by Ruth Reichl is worth taking note of.  Also known as ‘boiled cider’, this sweet yet tangy syrup is made much like maple syrup – but from 100% organic apple cider. It packs a deeply caramelized flavor that will surprise your taste buds with its powerfully bold apple zing.

Pour it on pancakes, waffles, granola, and yogurt; drizzle it over roasted vegetables; rub it on pork, ham, chicken, and duck before roasting or to finish in the pan; whisk it into sweet and sour sauces for tofu and tempeh; mix it into cocktails, sodas, and ginger tea.

Carr’s Ciderhouse is a family-run operation committed to handcrafting small batch, naturally made hard ciders as well as apple cider-based products for the pantry.

They recently named their historic orchard Preservation Orchard - with a commitment to preserving traditional foodways of the rea, preserving farmland, and preserving the balance of their ecosystem by never spraying, minimally mowing, practicing silvopasture with goats and sheep, and planting lots and lots of trees! They are located on the northwest slope of Mt. Warner in Massachusetts, overlooking the breathtakingly beautiful Connecticut River valley.  

12 ounces

Made in small batches in Hadley, Massachusetts 

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