Ivorine and Silver Salt and Pepper Mill Set

Handcrafted in England, these charming salt and pepper mills are reminiscent of a Victorian butter churn, once a familiar sight on farms throughout the British Isles. 

Traditional butter churn-shaped mills were a staple on any elegant Victorian dining table. However, genuine antique versions have become incredibly rare, not only because their mechanisms are usually broken, but also because the use of real ivory is thankfully taboo. This iconic design has been given a contemporary twist, using a man-made ivory substitute that has been used by jewelers, fishing reel makers and billiard ball and cue makers for almost a century.

A "P" and "S" are engraved on the top button of each mill to differentiate it from its companion grinder.

Each mill is 2" wide x 3.5" high 

Made in England

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